About Our Company

Discount Guns is located in Oxnard, California.

Discount Guns
834 W Wooley Road
Oxnard, CA 93030
Telephone: (805) 303-8500


Discount Guns was founded in 2018 with the mission to provide a discount alternative for purchasing firearms and accessories. We always attempt to negotiate the lowest pricing with our network of manufacturers and distributors. We pass that savings onto our customers. Essentially, we negotiate the lowest pricing on your behalf. From handguns, rifles, shotguns, holsters, targets, scopes and many other accessories, we strive to provide the deepest discounts possible. All items possible are offered at “SALE” pricing or lower. You do not need to wait for a sale to occur. The lowest price we can offer is already displayed. All customers receive the same discount pricing.

Safety should be the primary concern of all gun owners. From possession, transfer, or use, safety has to be at the foremost of your thinking and ours. Not only will we vigorously enforce the States laws concerning gun purchases, we will also seek to sell guns only to responsible persons. We choose to right to refuse service to anyone.

The Staff of Discount Guns will offer information to customers about classes and training lessons. The laws of the State of California are always changing. Attendance at these courses will help you to stay informed and remain up to date on current safety requirements and techniques.

For additional information concerning gun safety, the NRA offers online information.

Our business would not exist without our customers. Our Mission is to provide the highest level of customer service while maintaining a safe and structured environment. We want our customers to purchase a firearm that is comfortable to handle and will suit their needs. We hope that you will tell your friends and family about us.

We will be friendly and helpful from the moment you enter the store. We will assist you with locating the correct accessory or determining which firearms suits your needs best. We understand that some customers just want to browse and we stand by ready to help when needed.

We will listen to our customers and help guide them through the purchase process. We will explain the laws and rules concerning the purchase or acquisition of a firearm. If we do not know an answer to a question, we will call the distributor or manufacturer and get an answer. Knowledge is the best way to make an informed purchase.

We will be honest with our customers, vendors and fellow staff members. Our discount prices are posted online and inside the store. We are a gun store with integrity.

As members of the community, we will promote safe gun practice, answers questions concerning the evolving gun laws and contribute to local charitable causes.